Love: No one can love you as much as God. because God is the one that created you with his own image. love is patient and kind and trustworthy, faithful and generous. love everyone fully and generously.

Selfishness: is when you want everything for yourself and no one else. even with food we are selfish we always want the biggest of everything. the way we can learn to not be selfish is by sharing equally and praying to God and ask him to take all the wrong or weakedness out of your heart.

Hate: Is pain, sorrow, jealousy, prejudice and so on. It is mostly a bad habit. some people hate everyone but themselves. that is called selfishness.

Forgiveness: when you forgive you have to forgive fully. don't hold the grudge against the person who hurt you. you can't forgive someone with a second heart. when you forgive the person you become a better person and you make others around you become better too.

Jealousy: is when you want what your friend or neighbor have. you want to also have these items and you kill for these things also which is crazy.


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