Quotes i feel blessed for many things. especially yesterday when i went to church. i was giving the Lord praise and glory. i realized how much God loves me and how much he is providing me with blessings. i feel stupid for not knowing it sooner but im glad i know it now. to me i feel like im the only christian in school, me and my best buddy jovenise benjamin. i want my soul save and i wanna go to heaven. and im glad that my God is lighting a way for me. thank you Father. Quotes
im blessed

Quotes i got baptize and i am grateful. my baptism is still a mystery to me. i went to a conference 1 day after i came back from Haiti in 2009. and God showed me the way to righteousness. he gave me strength and encouragement to accept the baptism. it was a great day it was a day to be chosen because i saw the grace of God feeling me with joy and satisfaction and I'm grateful to say ALLELUIA my savior is almighty. and i am more proud to be an Adventist. Quotes