My Story For His Glory 2009

Posted by Benissa Rachelle Chery on June 16, 2010 at 7:19 PM

                            “My Story for his Glory”2009

Good eveningchurch, legliz bonsoir. Aren’t you glad that you are in the presence of Godtonight? Brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus I salute you all with ajoyful welcome. It is great to be here tonight not only to listen about theglory of God, but to learn about his glory in my life. The title for thisevening is MY STORY FOR HIS GLORY mon istoir pour sa gloire. To tell you thetruth coming here tonight to let you hear the word of God wasn’t something Iwanted to do, but I felt like I needed too, I feel like God is leading me herenot only to talk to his children about him but to let them learn and know themiracles of his great work. This scripture is found in PSALM 19 VERSE 2 it says“THE HEAVENS DECLARE THE GLORY OF GOD AND THE FIRMAMENT SHEWETH HIS HANDYWORK.”Before we began let’s bow our heads for a short prayer. LORD HEAVENLY FATHER IAM ASKING YOU FOR YOUR BLESSING TOWARD ME AND EVERYONE HERE I HOPE EVERYTHING ISAY DOESN’T COME STRAIGHT FROM ME BUT FROM YOU LORD IN THE NAME OF JESUS I PRAYAMEN!

Many peoplehave not notice that God is the truth. Some of them think if we serve God weshould not have any difficulties. Well as a teenager I was dealing with manydifficulties and crisis in my life and I didn’t know how to solve them. I wasfearing everyone around me and I wouldn’t let anyone talk to me about Godwithout getting angry. Like many people have said and continue saying like“WHERE IS GOD? WHERE IS THE ALMIGHTY CREATOR? WHY IS HE LETTING US SUFFER? IFHE IS SO POWERFUL AS THEY SAY HOW COME NO MIRACLES ARE OCCURING IN MY LIFE?Well friends I had the same thoughts too. I was starting to forget who God wasI was forgetting what great miracles God had done in my life.

As a teen Iwas dealing with peer-pressure and confusion. Instead of turning to Jesus I waswalking away from him. But deep inside my heart I just knew that God was alwaysby me, and guiding me. But at the same time I was afraid that Satan would notstop tempting me and I became weaker and weaker within each day. There’s onething I know Satan do is HE BLINDS THE EYES TO NOT SEE THE TRUTH, HE BLINDS THEMIND TO NOT THINK, HE MAKES YOU DO WHAT HE IS WILLING FOR YOU TO DO, HECONTROLS YOU AND MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE NOT CAPABLE OF BEING A CHILD OFGOD. Well friends I was in the middle of his temptation.

I was aloneand I felt betrayed. I felt betrayed by my friends, even by my own families,but brothers and sisters I WASN’T BETRAYED BY GOD. He was there calling my nameand pulling me closer to him, he pulled me so close that on that one Fridaynight at church I remember I got the courage to stand up and sing FOR HISGLORY. I felt powerful, and I told myself THE DEVIL WILL NOT AFFECT ME ANYMORE,THE DEVIL CANNOT CONTROL ME ANYMORE, because I AM A CHILD OF GOD, AND I AMPROUD.

Everyone wassurprised to see me getting p and singing for the glory of God, because Iwouldn’t come to church, nor understand what the preacher was talking about. Iwas lost and confused. But on that day I felt a grace and joy and I began toworship God more than ever. But the devil saw my weakness, and attacked thattarget, and he stood p tall and said, “YOU ARE NOT LEAVING HERE WITHOUT AFIGHT” Well friends I began to panic, and began disobeying God commandmentsagain. Just like Moses, even though he had disobeyed God commands, even thoughhe would not enter the paradise, but God loved him, and he loves me, and heloves you too.

Members lookinside your heart and search for God, he is just one step away to catch you andto hold you. Anpil moun di “SI SE MWEN MEM KI KENBE BONDIE MAP LAGEL, MEN SI SEBONDIE KI KENBEM MAP SOVE.” FRERE ET SOEUR MWEN TE PEDI TOUT COURAGE MWEN POUMTE ADORE BONDIE. PASKE SENTESPRI BONDIE TE ET KATEM, ET FOI MWEN TE VREMAN FEB.Even though you are on the edge of wrong, just remember that God is always onestep in front of you trying to stop you from falling. He loves you, and he iswilling to make sure that each of his children are safe.

JOHN 3 VERSE16 SAYS, “FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE (HIS ONE AND ONLY SON 2x) THAT WHOSOEVER BELIEVETH IN HIMSHOULD NOT PERISH BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE.” How many of you church members that are here tonight would like to haveeverlasting life with God? Please raise your hands? I know I would and soshould you, because having everlasting life with God is one of the greatestgifts that can be given to a human being. And when we work together and followGod’s commandments we know we can defeat the devil. Cause HEBREW 10 VERSE 25says, “LET US NOT GIVE UP MEETING TOGETHER, BUT LET US ENCOURAGE ONE ANOTHER.”

Satan wasstill holding me, and pressuring me to do the wrong; I grab hold of Jesus, justlike peter, when he was sinking in the water that shows that he was weak. Jesusheld out his hand, and save him, and he has save me, and he could save each oneof you today too if you believe in him.

You can tellwhen a Christian don’t have faith in God, how weak they become. Anpil nan noumem ki chita la aswe a, specialment jeune yo. You might be in the samesituation as me, and you don’t know where to turn, but if you turn to Jesusyour life will never be the same. Tonight I would like to invite you to Jesusso he can show you the way, just like he has done for me.

As I look upto the sky, I heard a voice say to me, WHERE IS YOUR FAITH? I backed down; Ididn’t understand what was happening until I remember the story of Jesus andhis disciples crossing the ocean. There were a storm and the disciples began topanic, they had no faith. The disciples woke up Jesus and said, “MASTER WE ARESINKING” Jesus asked them in MATTHEW 8 VERSE 26 “WHY ARE YOU SCARED? WHERE ISYOUR FAITH?” Then he got up and faced the winds and the sea and there were agreat calm. And the men were amazed and said in MATTHEW 8 VERSE 27 “WHAT SORTOF PERSON IS THIS? EVEN THE WINDS AND THE SEA OBEY HIM?”

This storycame to my mind, and I began to cry, I felt down on both knees and wept like ababy. I shouted out loud and said, “LORD I NEED A SIGN” Just as soon as I saidthat my phone ranged and my best friend called me and said, “ARE YOU GOING TOCHURCH?” Brothers and sisters I was amazed to see my prayers answered in lessthan five minutes (not 1 or 5 but less than 5 minute). Isn’t that a grace fromGod? So I got my bible and went to church, because I knew that God had a planfor me and I was just about to find out. When I got to church one of my churchmembers came to me and said, “NO MATTER HOW TOUGH LIFE GETS, NO MATTER HOWWORRIED YOU ARE JUST LOOK UP TO THE SKY AND CRY OUT HIS NAME” I knew rightthere a miracle was going to happen in my life.


What weshould know here brothers and sisters is that whatever the Lord says is, “YESAND AMEB.” No doubt about his commands for he only knows where we will be safe,and have peace. Cause GOD IS OUR REDEEMER.

I was alonein this world but God was always by me. I was blessed and brought in God’spresence and I am proud. Now I am here to help you and share with you myexperience of God’s glory. Every time I pray to God this song comes in to mymind and it goes like this.

Song- lem tefin jwen li lavie mwen te chanje li pram an moso li fem vin tout antye gras ali mwen kapab di mwen sove. Li pram an moso li fem vinn tout antye.

Le ou quenan Jesus, ou gen la fois nan li pa gen anyen (2x) ki pi douse pase la gloirede Dieu. Que Dieu vous benis.


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